Posted By Lewis Trigg
July 19, 2019


Our SPARTAN range of Mobile Tables. Whatever your industry, when you need to lift to a height with a heavy weight, SPARTAN is the way forward.

The range has a variety of capacities and sizes available ranging from 125KG right up to a massive 1250KG. Manufactured right here in the UK, you can ensure a quality, tough product which can do the job at hand without any problems. Made with heavy duty steel and 2 fixed (braked), 2 swivel castors with wheel foot protectors, the SPARTAN range of Mobile Table can be used in a number of environments and for different applications including mobile work stations to moving and lifting goods. A great feature of this model is its flexibility to be easily adapted to meet your requirements with additional modifications to completely bespoke.





The models availalve within this range can be seen below: 

ModelCapacity (KG)Platform Size (MM)Lift Height (MM)
LTBD-SC-200-S-M-JCB 200 485 X 700 255 - 745
LT-BD-SC-300-S-M-JCB 300 520 X 852 305 - 850
LT-BD-SC-500-S-M-JCB 500 610 X 920 350 - 935
LT-BD-SC-800-S-M-JCB 800 610 X 920 345 - 922
LT-BD-SC-350-D-M-JCB 350 610 X 920 442 X 1610
LTSC-150-S-M 150 450 X 760 255 - 780
LTSC-150-S-M-ALU 150 450 X 760 255 - 780
LTSC-300-S-M 300 500 X 840 335 - 840
LTSC-500-S-M 500 610 X 1030 340 - 900
LTSC-125-D-M 125 500 X 840 430 - 1420
LTSC-300-D-M 300 590 X 840 295 - 1350
LTSC-450-D-M 450 610 X 1030 295 - 1550
LTSC-800-S-M 800 840 X 1350 360 - 1050
LTSC-1000-S-M 1000 1000 X 2000 360 - 1050
LTSC-1250-S-M 1250 840 X 1350 360 - 1050
LTSC-500-D-M 500 840 X 1350 490 - 1900
LTSC-800-D-M 800 840 X 1350 490 - 1900
LTSC-500-T-M 500 840 X 1350 650 - 2900


Whatever your industry, when you need to lift to a height with a heavy weight get in touch and talk to us 0800 038 9858.


Posted By Bryan Mattock
June 12, 2019

“For the want of a Heel Pin”

The Humble Heel Pin, is a simple, inexpensive item that serves a vital purpose – it can keep your forklift attachments like Forklift Access Platforms (also Forklift Mounted Jibs and Hooks) in place so that the Attachment, Forklift and most importantly their users are safer, furthermore it enables your business is to operate correctly; so that you can continue to keep your own customers happy.  To paraphrase Benjamin Frankin: 

For the want of a Heel Pin the Access Platform was lost,
For the want of an Access Platform the Vital Maintenance was lost,
For the want of Vital Maintenance the Warehouse was lost,
For the want of the Warehouse the Customer’s Order was lost,
For the want of the Customer’s Order the Customer was lost,
And all for the want of an Access Platform Heel Pin.

Heel Pin 

So when you buy a Forklift Access Platform; you may want to tick the box to add a spare Pin Kit to your order, because you never know when someone will lose one of the original Heels Pins that come with your Access Platform.


Posted By Lewis Trigg
May 16, 2019


In this post, we’re turning our attention to our Forklift Truck Access Platform.  Keep reading for more details about them, including their functionality and features:


Our Forklift Truck Access Platforms provide a safe environment where non-routine maintenance and a wide range of inspections can be carried out from.  Forklifts are primarily used to lift materials, not people, but using them with working platforms enables people to work safely at height.


All of our platforms are manufactured in line with the Health and Safety Executive’s latest guidance on non-integrated forklift truck working platforms.

Find out more about our CFAP model right HERE -

We have a greater range of Forklift Access Platforms available from our sister site, Liftruck UK -

If you have any questions regarding this item, or just need some advice, give us a call on 0800 038 9858. 


Posted By Bryan Mattock
July 19, 2018

NB350D 350kg Double Scissor Lift Table – Not only lifts boxes, it ticks them too.




This is because it is a well-priced, High Quality product, which has a strong 350kg Capacity, and a lift height of 1300mm, meaning that goods can be raised to a height that is comfortable for most operators to work from.  Despite its high capacity is only weighs 105kg and has rear swivel Castors as standard meaning that it is easy to manoeuvre.

It features a Table size of 910mm x 500mm, that customers often tell us is just right as it’s a good size but not too big for their working space, in fact it offers a great balance of all the key benefits that a manual Lift Table buying could be looking for.

Customer satisfaction with this product is extremely high, so if you are in the market for a reliable, well-rounded Scissor Lift Table then the NB350D is an outstanding selection.

Posted By Lewis Trigg
March 16, 2018


We have recently added a Mobile Table with LARGE platform to our range! The ERGO2035 LARGE PLATFORM SCISSOR LIFT TABLE has a massive 2035 X 750MM platform and can lift a hefty 1000KG to 1400MM. That's right, a LARGE platform that has a HUGE capacity and can lift to a WHOPPING 1.4 metres making this item ideal for working with large items at height.




If you have any questions about this "larger than life" Table, give us a call today on 0800 038 9858.

Posted By LiftTable Team
February 05, 2018

Which Lift Table – The right Scissor Lift Table for the job

When purchasing a Scissor Lift Table there are some general requirements to consider, for example do you need it to be:

Mobile or Static?

This is the most obvious part of the search to narrow down suitable Scissor Lift Tables for your requirements. Do you need to transfer the goods from one location to another or just from one level to another?




Manual or Powered?

The question to ask yourself here is how often do you require the table to lift – the more often the more likely you will need a Powered Scissor Lift Table. Note that there are both Mobile and Static Manual and Powered Scissor Lift Tables.

Once you know the general type of Scissor Lift Table that you are interested in, you then need to consider: the weight it needs to lift; the table size you require to accommodate the load and the height that the load needs to be lifted to.  Finally you may also need to consider the lowered height of the table, as goods will need to be lifted onto the table.

Check out all of the options HERE.

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January 03, 2018

New for 2018 is our LiftTableUK site – please feel free to browse around – we specialise in Lift Tables of all varieties and with over 30 years in the industry we can offer advice on the best fit item for your application, whatever it may be. So if you need to lift goods that are small but many of you need to move just one large item at a time, we have the table for you.

Be it Manual or Powered; Mobile or Static; Lightweight or Heavy Duty; Low Profile or High Lifting, or even a combination of various attributes we can provide the solution.

We even have a helpful “Which Lift” Guide.

What’s more, we can supply a wide variety of tables from stock, available on next day delivery.

If you have require assistance or wish to place an order, just give us a call on Freephone 0800 038 9858 (or of course do so via the website).