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Which Lift

Which Lift Table – The right Scissor Lift Table for the job

When purchasing a Scissor Lift Table there are some general requirements to consider, for example do you need it to be:

Mobile or Static?

This is the most obvious part of the search to narrow down suitable Scissor Lift Tables for your requirements. Do you need to transfer the goods from one location to another or just from one level to another?

Mobile Scissor Lift TableStatic Lift Table
Mobile Scissor Lift TableStatic Lift Table


Manual Scissor Lift Table Powered Scissor Lift Table
Manual Scissor Lift TablePowered Scissor Lift Table

Manual or Powered?

The question to ask yourself here is how often do you require the table to lift – the more often the more likely you will need a Powered Scissor Lift Table.  Note that there are both Mobile and Static Manual and Powered Scissor Lift Tables.                                 

Once you know the general type of Scissor Lift Table that you are interested in, you then need to consider: the weight it needs to lift; the table size you require to accommodate the load and the height that the load needs to be lifted to. Finally you may also need to consider the lowered height of the table, as goods will need to be lifted onto the table.

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